SEPTEMBER 11TH 2019 - All Natural Sourdough Bread Workshop

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SEPTEMBER 11TH 2019 - All Natural Sourdough Bread Workshop


Learn the craft of sourdough bread baking! Take home your own starter, sourdough, PDF booklet, and taste a few goodies in class!***ONLY 6 STUDENTS PER CLASS - this makes for a very customizable lesson plan, allowing each student to have one-on-one shaping assistance. 

  • When: Wednesday 5:00 - 8:00pm

  • Where: Personal Studio

  • Price: $95



    What you will take away from this workshop:

    • Basic knowledge on mixing, kneading, shaping, and proofing the dough as well as introducing the recipes & formulas for leaven cultivation, dough variations, and external considerations (i.e. temp, time, environment, etc.).

    • hands-on work with the different stages so you can understand what each step should look, smell, and feel like.

    • making your own sourdough culture to take home, or taking from my own personal culture.

    • take home some dough that you will be handling during the class to practice shaping, which can be used that night or next few days as pizza dough.

    • what/where to buy materials, tools, and ingredients, plus tips on reference books to further your knowledge and aid in your sourdough adventures!

  • Please bring a notebook/paper and a pen or pencil to jot down any notes or questions you might have along the way, and your round 1L yogurt-sized container to take your starter home in! Where some comfortable shoes as well as we will be working on our feet for apart of the workshop!

  • Light snacks will be provided after the class

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Bread baking is fun, challenging, and highly rewarding.  Take the time to learn the craft and you will be producing bread that surpasses what is found in most supermarkets and will rival the best bakeries (not an exaggeration).  On top of that, you will have complete control over every ingredient that goes into the bread you make; no more dough conditioners, preservatives, or fake bread for you! 


*Cancellation:  Due to the nature of the course and the prep time, I can only refund those who give me 7 days notice of cancellation.